The Vanishing Room

The Vanishing Room is the début from S. M. Fenton. The book was officially released on 31st October 2018 in hardback and ebook editions.

The story is set in modern times, but is styled after Gothic tales and classic horror, inspired by J Sheridan La Fanu, Mary Shelley, and H. P. Lovecraft. In a world of body-horrors, slashers, and splatter movies Fenton returns to the romance of vintage psychological horror.


A haunted inn. A scarecrow festival. A cursed room. When Richard Beckett quits his job to travel the world, he soon learns that he is a magnet for trouble. His attraction to the unearthly beauty of a young married woman leads him to a strange room in a dilapidated inn. Can the headlines about mysterious disappearances be explained rationally, or will he become the latest victim of The Vanishing Room?

Paralysed and in pitch darkness, I was assaulted by the dust that rose from the thick fabric I now rested on. It burned my airways with each shallow breath; and the tiny motes stuck to my dry eyes, causing a fierce itch that I was helpless to remedy. The rush of panic lasted several minutes and though I suffered it in both stillness and silence, my mind screamed and thrashed.

The Vanishing Room – S. M. Fenton
The Vanishing Room

I made my final preparations to depart on my adventure, feeling oppressed by the dark wood and old furniture of my room, and the heavy tenebrous curtains that I struggled to pull closed against the sombre night, hanging stiffly and refusing to properly meet. An oblique patch of moonlight stole in past the heavy fabric and was thrown upon the floor; the bright offspring of a dark window. I looked out once again upon the landscape slumbering in those silvery beams. There stood the outline of the Château de la Tristesse, its chimneys and many turrets with their cone-shaped roofs black against the mottled grey sky.

The Vanishing Room – S. M. Fenton

More information will be made available here soon, and I’ll occasionally post updates on my blog.

The Vanishing Room by S. M. Fenton

Hardback ISBN: 978-0-244-72056-8
eBook ISBN: 978-0-244-72151-0
Paperback ISBN: TBC

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